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Pinterest Services

Maybe you created your account, but didn’t know what to do next.

Or you created some pins, but got no real leads.

Maybe Pinterest is your main traffic source, but you need help.

Whether you're a DIYer or ready to hire it all out, there's something here for you.

  • Pin Design and Posting
  • Custom Pinning Strategy
  • Analytics Reporting (and interpretation)
  • Client Communication Hub
  • Zoom Call Check In


Let me take over your Pinterest account (or create a new one) for ongoing pinning, strategy and support while your goals in mind. 

You’re ready to turn your Pinterest account over to a Pro so you can get that time back and make sure it’s done right

Monthly Management

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  • Your SEO is attracting the right people 
  • Your Analytics show normal trends, or if something looks off
  •  You are pinning the right amount of Pins for your account
  • Your pins are eye catching and competitive
  • Your account is set up to convert well
  • And more

Unsure if your Pinterest account is working to its full potential? Ready to update it but not sure how? I’ve got you covered. I’ll take a look at your account and offer guidance on how to optimize it so you can drive even more traffic. At the end you'll know if:

Let me take a look under the hood and give constructive feedback on how to better leverage your Pinterest account. One of my most popular services!

Account Audit

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  • 1 hour recorded Zoom call where you can pick my brain
  • Clarify your burning questions about Pinterest and Pinterest funnels
  • Mini Audit 
  • Confidence moving forward that you're doing it right AND what tweaks you can do to make it better! 
  • 7 Day Email Support 


Sometimes keeping up with Pinterest’s current best practices is hard and you just need someone to fill you in on what’s going on.

If you’re wondering if your current strategy is still good, or you took a break from Pinterest and are ready to dive back in, this is a great option for you to be on your best game moving forward.

If you opt to Self-Manage, but need that little extra support to make sure you're on the right track... this is all you!

Strategy Session

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  • Fresh Keyword Bank
  • SEO Overhaul
  • Board Management
  • Support Session

If your account is growing at snail-speed or you've got so many boards you don't know what to do anymore. You need a clean up!

After an audit you decide making the changes should be left to the expert, this is for you. I clean up your account and apply the SEO for you.


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  • Google Sheet with 150+ niche specific keywords
  • Extra search terms you might not have thought about
  • Categorized for easy use 
  • Write your pin titles and descriptions faster


It's no secret, having the right keywords for your Pinterest account is the #1 best way to get Pinterest users to find your content. 

Let me scrape all the best keywords for your niche and deliver them straight to your inbox.

How can you utilize a search based platform if you don’t know your most searched for keywords? Get a big list of Pinterest specific keywords to make pin titles and descriptions a breeze.

Keyword Bank

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Book Me As A Guest Expert

Do you have a podcast, Youtube channel, or Facebook group that would love to hear about Pinterest?

 Or how I started my business as a busy military spouse?

I would love to hop on and chat with you!

Here's some examples of topics I've covered in the past:

  •  How to use Pinterest as part of your sales funnel
  • How to use Pinterest as an Etsy seller
  • The real way Pinners think and interact with your Pins
  • 3 most important things you need for Pinterest Marketing

*There will be a fee for some deliverables such as evergreen trainings that will live inside your course, or deliverables where I'm not live in person. This fee helps cover my time and energy to create these things for you and are charged by my hourly rate of $50/hr. Currently, any live podcast episodes or Facebook group appearances are free because I enjoy chatting with people. 

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