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Ready to pick my brain?
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I've seen it all and know how to deal with roadblocks that stop others in their tracks. Glitches? Updates? New best practices? Seasonal changes? I've seen (and handled) it all so you don't have to.

Years of Experience

I'm working to help you meet future  goals, not just establish a presence on Pinterest. As your business develops and grows, it will be easy to adjust your Pinterest set up to match where you are. 

Future Focused

Pinterest isn't just about pinning your blog or creating a Pinterest shop. It's about understanding the trends, monitoring your analytics, and making strategic moves to get you the best results. That start with the correct set up.

Strategy Driven

Pinterest CAN  be the leading traffic driver to your website

Why Sarah?

(If you know how to use it)

Feeling this? Read on!
  • Are wondering if your current strategy is still good
  • Took a break from Pinterest and are ready to dive back in
  • Want to learn strategies to become more efficient
  • Want to set the record straight on best practices instead of spending hours on Google and Youtube

Sometimes keeping up with Pinterest’s current best practices is hard and you just need someone to fill you in on what’s going on. 

Pinterest shouldn't feel like throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it sticks.

You will benefit from a strategy call if you:

Recent results from utilizing Pinterest's best practices

Knowing what to do to your account to get it converting

Confident your account is up to date with best practices.

Knowing your strategy has two thumbs up from someone who literally dreams about Pinterest coding and analytics

to thriving by...

Posting pins with no real results

Not knowing which keywords you should use or if your SEO is current

Wondering "am I doing this right?"

just imagine going from...

Lead gen doesn't have to be complicated.

But what if you think of a questions when you finally go to sleep that night? No problem! You've got email support for 7 days.

7 Days email support

I can't help if I don't peek at your account and website! Your session is 110% custom to your account's needs

Mini Audit

Don't worry about taking notes. You'll get access to the recording to review as needed.

Link to the recording

1 hour 1:1 time with me to ask me all your burning pinterest strategy questions. Nothing is off limits.

1 Hour Zoom Call

This Includes

Leave feeling confident in your Pinterest Marketing Strategy moving forward

Wear Your PJ's if you want.
This is a laid back sesh- no sales pressure. Just answers

Bring your VA- 
we all know it takes a team

What's  a  session  like?

Let your dream clients find you through Pinterest

And I'm ready to use my years of Pinterest and marketing knowledge to make your life easier... 


Because you've got kids to play with, friends to dine with, and that house project you've been too busy to complete. 

The last thing I want for you is to worry over the best times to post on social media, or spending hours scouring YouTube "how-to's" only to find marketing info from 2019. 

The alternative? 

I'm Sarah, 
The Pinterest marketing strategist obsessed with driving traffic in your  sleep

hey there!

Let's attract your ideal clients, not chase them.

Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and efficient. I am so looking forward to being able to work with Sarah again in the future when the time calls for it.


ready to make a move?

The Investment's time

Let's face it, you've been waiting to do this for YEARS