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There are some things you need in place before you start marketing your evergreen content on Pinterest. Grab this checklist to and don't miss a step!

You're heard SEO is key! Now let's make sure you're finding the right keywords for your brand. Watch this free Pinterest SEO Masterclass to learn how to use Pinterest SEO in 2023.

(If you think hashtags are still a thing, this is for you)

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Stay organized with the exact Pinterest keyword organizer I use for my clients. Make generating keywords quick and never forget what URL's you've already pinned. 

I see you over there wishing the perfect Pinterest course existed. Well, it's in the works. This course will simplify Pinterest and get you from completely confused to pinning with ease in no time. 


(Estimated: Spring 2023)

Pinterest Basics Course

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    Here for the Pinterest Updates?
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    Grab my newsletter and get the inside info you've been missing

    Nice To Meet You,
    I'm Sarah

    I’ve been an active Pinterest user since it was an invite-only platform (yes, that was a long time ago!). It was a pivotal resource for me when I was flipping houses with my husband, researching safe recipes for my diet-restricted son, homeschooling my dyslexic daughter, and concocting toddler safe activities for my youngest (who rules the roost).

    More Fun Stuff About Me

    But being an everyday user and marketing your business’s content on Pinterest are two entirely different worlds, amiright? There’s a lot of time, strategy, and commitment involved. That’s not to mention the unique vocabulary and algorithm changes. It can be so confusing.

    If you just silently agreed with all of that, you’re not alone. I’ve built my entire business around helping entrepreneurs generate traffic and leads on Pinterest without sacrificing their focus on the fun part of their business.

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