Pinterest Audit

Let's Take a peek under the hood

Unsure if your Pinterest account is working to its full potential? Ready to update it but not sure how? 

I’ve got you covered. I’ll take a look at your account and offer guidance on how to optimize it so you can drive even more traffic. 

Please note, I will not make changes for you, but you’ll have the know-how to do it yourself.

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Step 4

You submit a questionnaire detailing your concerns, pinning habits, and more. You'll also grant me access to the pinterest business hub

I'll comb through the account, analyzing your metrics, pins' quality, SEO, even your competitors, I'll also address any specific concerns you have.

I build a report, much like a checklist for you to follow of things you could improve on. I'll also record a video walk through for your to visually see my findings. 

Once you have had time to review everything, you'll get a 15 min zoom call with me to ask any follow up questions

How It Works



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What You Can Expect

  • I'll need access to your login credentials so I can look at the back end of your account. All information is shared in LastPass and removed during the offboarding process. 

  • Audits typically take about 10 business days to complete, from the start of onboarding to when you get your results. Once those are submitted, you will be given a link to schedule the final Zoom call. 

  • If you decide you need help cleaning up your account, check out the Account Overhaul, where I implement everything for you so you don't have to mess with it.

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Sarah was incredibly thorough in walking me through her audit of my Pinterest account and explaining not just what I could change but also why it would help me grow my following. She has a wealth of knowledge and it I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone wanting to improve their business or online presence.

-Emily Adams
The Planking Traveler