AKA: The Account Clean-Up

If your account is growing at snail-speed
or you've got so many boards you don't know what to do anymore. You need a clean up!

This often happens as Pinterest makes changes to their platform and you need to update your account and strategy. Maybe you are not sure what boards to keep, or you just can’t figure out how optimize it to its fullest potential.

Maybe your plate is simply full.

That’s OK! Let me overhaul your account so your content has the best chance of getting seen!

You must have an audit done to qualify for a clean up.
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Keyword Bank

SEO Overhaul

Manage Those Boards

Support Sesh

You get a whole new keyword bank to reference. This is what I use to overhaul the account's SEO

I'll update all the board titles, descriptions, and profile with fresh SEO that matches current searches in your niche

From removing irrelevant boards, addressing "dead" group boards, or even adding new boards, this is the meat and potatoes of an overhaul

You get a recording with a walk through of your account, and a bonus 15 min strategy session with me

Refreshed SEO for Attracting Today's Pinner

Makes It Easier for You to Know What Content To Pin Where

Gives your account a boost in performance

What's Included

Why Should You Optimize?



Let's Do This

What You Can Expect

  • The goal is to optimize you account to be in compliance with Pinterest’s current Best Practices so you can continue to pin and get the best reach. 
  • I’ll use the Audit results to to implement a clean up of your account and get it back on track. The estimated time it takes to complete the job varies from client to client.

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