Monthly Management


I've seen it all and know how to deal with roadblocks that stop others in their tracks. Glitches? Updates? New best practices? Seasonal changes? I've seen (and handled) it all so you don't have to worry about it.

Years of Experience

I'm working to help you meet future  goals, not just establish a presence on Pinterest. As your business develops and grows, so will my strategy so we can hit those milestones. 

Future Focused

It's not about just pinning your blog or creating a Pinterest shop. It's about keeping an eye on the trends, monitoring your analytics, and making strategic moves to get you the best results.

Strategy Driven

Pinterest CAN  be the leading traffic driver to your website

Why Sarah?

Knowing Pins are professionally crafted to convert

Never having to put it on the to-do list

Knowing Pinterest is handled by someone who literally dreams about Pinterest coding and analytics

to thriving by...

Spending hours in Canva creating pins

Starting Monday with "I'll do Pinterest this week" only to try again next week

Wondering "am I doing this right?" 

just imagine going from...

Lead gen doesn't have to be complicated.

I'll assess the SEO and strength of your boards, keywords, etc. and make adjustments as needed to keep your account current and optimized.

Account Maintenance

Each quarter we can hop on a call and discuss goals, sales, trends or whatever we need to discuss in depth to make sure your Pinterest strategy is on target with your business goals.

Zoom Calls

Sometimes we need to do a quick chat, ask a question, or share wins. You'll be added to my Slack channel where we can keep in touch or share file links.

Client Communication

What good strategy goes without monitoring the numbers? I track your analytics so we can monitor what works (and what doesn't), and watch your YOY progress

Analytics Reports

I create a pinning schedule that targets the trends for YOUR niche with your goals in mind. This ensures a steady flow of content is pinned to Pinterest. 

Custom Strategy

Stop wasting hours in Canva wondering if you're creating eye catching pins. I create unique pins using your branding that are inviting to click on. 

Pin Design

What's Included

There are some things you need in place before you start marketing your evergreen content on Pinterest. If you aren't sure you've got everything in place, use this Mini Course (complete with a checklist) to double check.

How Do I Know I'm Ready?

If you are missing some things, use this list to get ready!

Sarah was a delight to work with - very professional, friendly, and helpful. She managed my Pinterest account well, created beautiful new pins, and communicated well throughout the process.

- Sherry S.

"Working with [Sarah]  has been a breeze. She gets me, understands what I'm wanting to accomplish and then works her magic to create and manage pins that help make the most of my creations. It's been a blessing to have her on the team."

-Jamie T.

"Sarah took care of my Pinterest account for the last 6 months and did an amazing job! Highly recommend working with her."

-Lidiya K.

Let your dream clients find you through Pinterest

And I'm ready to use my years of Pinterest and marketing knowledge to make your life easier... 


Because you've got kids to play with, friends to dine with, and that house project you've been too busy to complete. 

The last thing I want for you is to worry over the best times to post on social media, or spending hours scouring YouTube "how-to's" only to find marketing info from 2019. 

The alternative? 

I'm Sarah, 
The Pinterest marketing strategist obsessed with driving traffic in your  sleep

hey there!

Prep Work


The Pinning Part

Other Details

During the onboarding process, I’ll spend a little time getting familiar with your content, funnels, and goals. I only onboard one client at a time so you will get my full attention. 

I will also collect the necessary credentials and files to get started, like your Pinterest log in info in LastPass and branding guidelines. My clients are added to my slack channel for easy messaging.



If you have an existing account, I’ll audit and optimize your Pinterest account for best practices, strong keywords, and do any trouble shooting.

If we are starting from scratch, I’ll set up your account, and get a new pinning strategy put together.

Either of these processes take 3-4 weeks to complete before I start pinning BUT they are the foundation of a healthy Pinterest account. 

Getting Your Account Ready

Prep Work

Once the prep work is done, I'll start pinning. I'll usually start slow and build the account up over time. This is to ensure we don't trip the spam filter and make sure I'm on the right track with your niche.

 I’ll keep you posted on what content is doing well, and any changes that happen with Pinterest that could impact your business. I'll also send you analytic reports and the occasional . 

I pin in bulk, via a scheduler called Metricool or Tailwind. At this time I do not offer pinning through Pinterest native scheduler. It's just not robust enough. 

Monthly Pinning Begins

The Pinning Part

 A 6 month contract is required, BUT the BEST results happen when we work together for a year or more.

 I carry the scheduler subscription and use my Canva Pro account to build your pins. There is a small tech fee that helps cover this cost, but it's cheaper on you than carrying them yourself. 

What Else You Should Know

 All management clients must pre-qualify for services. I don't want you investing in something you're not quite ready for. 

Other Details

What To Expect

Let's Talk Logistics..

Let's attract your ideal clients, not chase them.


6 payments each*

This is where your 6 month management contract starts. All optimization after this initial fee is included in this price


One Time Fee

Initial Optimization

What's the investment?

ready to make a move?

Phase One

This fee covers the initial work to get your account ready to go. That could include setting up your account, or optimizing your existing account. This process typically takes one month to complete. 

The Pinning Begins

Phase Two

*There is an additional tech fee of $12/month added to phase two. This tech fee covers the cost of software such as a Tailwind or Metricool, Canva, and a VPN. Please let me know if you already have a subscription to Metricool or Tailwind. 

I’m part of several communities that focus on staying up to date on the Algorithm as well as testing new strategies and techniques. I feel that surrounding myself with like-minded peers helps me stay on top of trends and changes. I also follow updates straight from the source- Pinterest and Tailwind are in my inbox and provide valuable information to help me keep your account growing.

Are your methods up to date?

It’s really easy to get frustrated and give up in month 3 or 4 if there’s not significant growth. Plus the first month is typically spent optimizing your account and doing keyword research. So I run on 6 month contracts to give your account ample time for realistic growth.

Why is there a 6 month contract?

I'm based out of North Carolina, USA. That's EST time zone.

Where are you located?

I currently aim for at least 5 a day, but I don't contract a certain number because Pinterest's best practices change often. I'm more concerned with doing what works to grow your account, which changes with the age of your account and the seasons. 

How many pins do you pin?

Results vary based on lots of factors including age of the the account, amount of content pinned, even niche! It typically takes two months for Pinterest to index a pin and know who to show it to. While I can’t give a specific timeline, it could take a few months to start seeing new traffic. Be patient though! It’ll be worth the wait.

How long before I see results

Yes. Management clients are required to have a Canva Pro account and a Tailwind App (scheduler) membership. Links to both of these can be found in under Resources and I can help set up Tailwind.

Are there additional costs?

Have Questions? I've got answers.'s time

Let's face it, you've been waiting to do this for YEARS