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How to use Pinterest to promote your business?

Ever wonder how online businesses get clients, leads, and traffic from Pinterest? I will explain exactly how Pinterest marketing works for digital entrepreneurs and what makes it different (and better!) than social media marketing.

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Hello and welcome! I’m Sarah from PinPro Studio. I’m a Pinterest marketing strategist, and today we’re going to answer the question. How does Pinterest help promote your business?

Now, the first thing that we need to discuss is the fact that Pinterest is a search engine. It is not a social media platform. The key thing with that is the users on Pinterest are searching for information.

They’re not trying to keep up with their best friends. Or to see what other businesses are doing. Now the thing with that is all the content that you put onto Pinterest is going to stay on Pinterest. It is not going to disappear in the feed after 24 hours or anything like that. The content that you put on Pinterest is going to be findable for years to come.

In fact, I have clients that pinned things 2, 3, 4 years ago and they can easily pop back up and be ranked in searches 4 or 5 years later. That’s the beauty of Pinterest. The whole point is for people to discover you and to go back to your website. Which is not the case for Instagram and Facebook and the other social media platforms that want to keep you on that platform.

Pinterest knows you’re going
to leave the platform

Pinterest knows you’re going to leave the platform, but they know that you find such good information that you will come back and continue to use the platform. The way it works is, let’s say that you have a blog or a podcast that you have hosted on your website.  Or you have a product and you have linked your website to Pinterest using a Pinterest business account, which is totally different subject, that you learn more about here.

So, people will get on Pinterest, and they scroll through all those pins. They click on a pin and they’re like, oh, I like this content, or I like this product. Or this answers the question that I’m searching for right now.

They click on the pin, and they will either save it to go back and look at later. Sometimes it’s a recipe, sometimes it’s a product.

Say if they’re remodeling their house and they want to keep that information. Sometimes they’ll actually click on that pin and move over to your website and now they are in your audience.

They start consuming your content. They start looking through your products, and that’s the point where you need to make sure that you have some way to lead capture them. So that you can make contact with them later, whether that’s through an email list or you give them a freebie of some sort. Or you offer for them to come into your Facebook group for further support. You know, whatever that looks like for you. Maybe it’s a coupon code to your thing.

They have moved from Pinterest over to your website. And now they’re in your audience. So that is how you bring in cold traffic from Pinterest to your website. That’s new eyes on your stuff. And that’s the beauty of it because people will continue to come back and look for your content on Pinterest.  

At the time of this recording there are roughly 443 million Pinterest users that search the platform every month. So that is a ton of people. That is a huge population that you could target for your offer.

Now, the good thing about having a Pinterest business account is you can actually track how many people are finding your pins are clicking on, saving your pins, engaging in your pins. And how many people are actually moving over to your website. So, there is a whole analytical side of Pinterest. A whole SEO side of Pinterest that you can utilize to make sure that you are indeed targeting the right people and you’re not just subject to whatever is popping up in the home feed.

That is a brief overview of how you get clients and leads and traffic from Pinterest and how to use it for your business marketing. We go into some more details in other videos, so make sure you hit follow. If you need further support, I’m here to help. See you soon.

Happy Pinning!


How to use Pinterest to promote your business?

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