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How Much Content Do I Need To Start A Pinterest Account?

So here you are, starting your business, and you know you want to be on Pinterest…eventually. You just don’t have enough content to start pinning away. WRONG! Let me stop you right there (If I had one of those buzzers the game show TV hosts use, I’d push it). There’s a huge misconception about exactly how much content you need to have to market on Pinterest. I’ll get to the real amount you need here in a minute but let me first show you the catch 22 you’ve got yourself in with that mindset.

If your business is in it’s baby phase, you know you need exposure, brand awareness, traffic, relationships, and that “Know- like- trust” factor everyone keeps talking about. And you know Pinterest is a great way to build that. BUT you either don’t have the funds to hire a Pinterest manager, and/or you don’t have enough content to justify setting your business up on Pinterest– so you don’t. That leaves you to building up all of that exposure and relationships elsewhere (which is fine! I did the same thing!).

But the thing is, if you’re building relationships on other platforms, you’re already producing content that can be used on Pinterest. But that doesn’t answer exactly HOW MUCH you need. Let me give you a little Pinterest Algorithm knowledge:

If you start a Pinterest Business account from scratch, you have to start is very slowly. Like, 3 pins a day is plenty! If you wait to build up a year’s worth of blog posts and try to pin all of it when you create a Pinterest account, you could be flagged as spam and risk you account shutting down. So starting small while your business is small is totally fine! I won’t get into strategy on how to make 3 pins a day happen, but if you’d like to know more, send me a message and we can book a strategy call (mention this post!).

So to answer the original question, there is no perfect number for how much content you need. The only stipulation is you need consistency. I know, I know, you hear that about every platform, but only because it’s true. So once you’re at a place where you’re consistently creating new content, you can absolutely start pinning away!

– Sarah

How Much Content Do I Need To Start A Pinterest Account?
Learn How Much Content You Need
Before You Can Utilize Pinterest for Business

How Much Content Do I Need To Start A Pinterest Account?

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