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5 Tailwind Feature That Make It The Best Pinterest Scheduler 

I get asked all the time which scheduler I use for Pinterest, and the answer has never changed. Hands down, without a doubt, no question about it, my favorite scheduling tool is Tailwind. Aside from your standard scheduling features, Tailwind has really made Pinterest scheduling easy peasy with some features you may not realize you need in your life. In this post, we will dive into a few of these features but I highly encourage you to test drive the platform for yourself and see how easy it is to automate your pinning schedule. 

 1. The Boards List

We all know organization is the key to functionality. And I promise having all your boards organized by category so you can quickly pin to multiple boards is way more efficient than digging through a list of boards one by one. Tailwind makes it so easy to schedule pins to relevant boards because you can add multiple board lists for quick access while you’re scheduling. For example, Let’s say you have 9 boards total. 3 of them are about parenting toddlers, two are about general parenting, and 4  are about parenting teens. In Tailwind, you can create one list of  boards about toddlers, a second list about parenting in general, and a third about teens. You want to pin a blog about parenting toddlers, so when you’re ready to schedule these pins, you simply click on the board list cluster “Toddlers” and it inserts all the relative boards. You can see a preview of this below: 

Preview of the board lists feature inside Tailwind

2. Smart Loops

The scheduler inside Pinterest will only let you schedule out 2 weeks in advance. For some of us, that’s just not practical. In Tailwind, I can schedule pins to go out next season, or even next year. But that’s not the best part. Tailwind has a feature called “Smart Loops” which takes certain content and publishes it again at a set time interval without you lifting a finger. Need your holiday content to go out in October? No problem! Add your best holiday content to the loop and Tailwind will automatically pin it in October (or whenever you choose) each year. This works for evergreen content too. If you have 5 posts that perform particularly well?  You can create a smartloop for those pins to republish once a month to a different board. It really is a time saver! 

I particularly love setting up smart loops for times when I’m launching a new program, during the summer,  or going on vacation because those are times when I don’t particularly have time to dedicate to my Pinterest account.

3. Communities

Tailwind Communities are essentially Tailwind’s version of group boards- only better. They used to be called “tribes” but that changed around 2019 to be more culturally sensitive. I mention that in case you’ve heard of the Tailwind “Tribes”  in the past. Within Communities, you can search for other’s content that is relevant to yours. You can also see analytics on those pins and yours to know which ones are performing well, and decide which pins you want to repin. 

Speaking of repins, one of the biggest things I hate about Group Boards on Pinterest is it’s hard to regulate who is following the re-share rules. Tailwind eliminated that by adding a little graphic to let you know which community is active and how many repins you are getting from each community.

4. The Calendar.

The award for easiest, most efficient, and user friendly content calendar goes to Tailwind. This is because it has the capacity to bulk upload and schedule pins to multiple boards with ease and see it previewed on your schedule. It’s super easy to see which days are needing more pins, which days are full, and what time of day is the best for pinning (If that matters to you still). And you can drag and drop pins to new time slots, or quickly edit them. This is something you can’t do inside Pinterest itself.  You can also adjust how many pins you need to go out each day to help keep you on track, I could go on about the actual scheduling features but until you try it yourself, it’s difficult to fully comprehend. Just trust me when I say it’s easy, especially when you make 10 pins for one post.

5. Preferred Partner

Pinterest doesn’t play well with all schedulers, but you don’t have to worry about that with Tailwind. It’s on the list of Pinterest’s Preferred Partners, and you won’t have a problem with pins being suppressed because you used a scheduler that’s not on the list. In fact, Tailwind is the preferred scheduler for the majority of Pinterest strategists I know because of how fast and efficient it is, but also because we know we can trust it. (P.S. you can use it to schedule your Instagram content as well!) 

If you’re on the fence about which scheduler to use, start with Tailwind. You can use this link to start playing the scheduler and see if you like it. Don’t forget to add the Chrome Extension for easier scheduling!

This post contains affiliate links, but I only promote things I absolutely love using myself!


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5 Tailwind Feature That Make It The Best Pinterest Scheduler 

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