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What the Heck is this “Power of Pinterest” I keep Hearing About?

If you’ve marketed your online products, blog, or podcast, you’ve probably heard someone tell you “You should be on Pinterest”.

But Why? What is this “Power of Pinterest” you keep hearing about.

Let’s look at some facts first:

  • Pinterest has over 430 million active users
  • It’s a search engine (the 3rd largest behind Google and YouTube)- not social media!
  • Millions of users + Search engine = Consumers specifically searching for your content! The traffic possibilities are huge! And odds are, someone is searching for your niche! I mean, where else would you look for fairy garden ideas (yes, I know someone who has a fairy garden site that is doing well on Pinterest- I digress).
  • Consumers aren’t looking for a specific brand. Most users are open minded and ready to support small businesses.

Knowing that, it’s easy to see the potential traffic is there. But what makes it so great?

Historically, Pinterest has been known as the driving force to many blogs above any other lead source, even Google. People go to Pinterest to get inspired and search for the stuff you are an expert on. And once they find your pins and click over to your site, you now have a captive audience. It’s clear on my client’s Google Analytics that the traffic coming from Pinterest has the longest site session than any other source. People coming from Pinterest are actually hanging around and getting to know your business, and buying your stuff! Organically.

THAT, my friend, is the power of Pinterest. If I’ve sparked your interest, and you’re wondering how you can get started on Pinterest, shoot me an email and we can talk about it. OR check out the Pre-Pinterest Launch Plan – together, we dive deep into your business and establish a plan to get you ready for Pinterest marketing.


Pinterest Pin Image "The Power of Pinterest Explained by an Expert"
Understand the Power of Pinterest for Business Marketing

What the Heck is this “Power of Pinterest” I keep Hearing About?

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