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In this article, I explain when you should post your pins to Pinterest (it’s not what you think) and how the algorithm pushes your content in front of Pinners.

Scheduling Pins: Why Pinterest Posting Time is No Longer Crucial

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In a recent Facebook post, someone asked why her product sales are down 30% despite thousands of new followers and a growing email list. If this sounds familiar, here’s what I would do about it.

Ways to Increase Sales When It Feels Like People Just Aren’t Buying.

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What if I told you there’s a way to reach your target audience without the constant stress and pressure of social media? This is the social media marketing alternative you shouldn’t ignore.

To the Business Owner Who is Tired of Social Media Marketing:

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Having a Pinterest account isn’t a good way to prove how skillful a Pinterest manager is. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but there are many skilled strategists who’s Pinterest account is a hot mess. Here’s three reasons why that might be:

Should You Hire A Pinterest Manager Who Doesn’t Have A Pinterest Business Account?

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But the truth is, if Pinterest is your main source of traffic, you have to stay ahead of the seasons in order for your pins to be available when the seasonal searches start.

But wait, how early? How do I know when the seasonal searches start? Sometimes figuring this out can feel like you’re doing time-zone math (if you’ve ever tried to manually schedule a zoom call with someone far away, you know what I’m talking about). Let’s talk about how to figure out when you need to post seasonal content!

How Early Should I Pin Seasonal Content on Pinterest?

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The Timeline for Getting Pinterest Traffic, Explained Have you ever been told “Have patience, Pinterest is a long term strategy”? That’s pretty broad and doesn’t explain anything, does it? As if Pinterest isn’t confusing enough! If you’re considering Pinterest for your business, it’s good to know what to expect before you dive in. Let’s unpack […]

Why Pinterest is a Long Term Strategy:

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Oh boy, I’m pretty sure I’m going to rub some people the wrong way with this, but hear me out. I see “JobOpps” all the time asking for help with their Pinterest account and the responses are filled with social media managers saying “I can do Pinterest for you”. And they probably can! SMM’s are […]

Pinterest Manager VS Social Media Manager

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So here you are, starting your business, and you know you want to be on Pinterest…eventually. You just don’t have enough content to start pinning away. WRONG! Let me stop you right there (If I had one of those buzzers the game show TV hosts use, I’d push it). There’s a huge misconception about exactly […]

How Much Content Do I Need To Start A Pinterest Account?

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Navigating Pinterest has been hard this year! After the introduction of idea pins, analytics tanking, a seemingly random glitch that shut down many many accounts, followers getting cut in half, it’s easy to think that Pinterest is not where you should put your efforts.  But creators said that back in 2016. And fall of 2020. […]

Understanding The Great Pinterest Pivot of 2021

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Let’s talk about how to understand Pinterest analytics. There’s two very different ways of reading Pinterest analytics. The first one is an overview of your entire account while the second it is a more focused view of your content. Now you might be thinking wait a minute, Sarah, an overview of my account is my […]

How to Read Pinterest Analytics

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(This is in reference to the changes happening with Pinterest in 2021) Let’s talk about what you should do if your traffic is down and you’re frustrated with Pinterest. I’m not talking about checking your SEO or your keywords or anything like that, because that’s what everybody’s gonna tell you to do. What I’m talking […]

What To Do If Your Pinterest Traffic Decreases (a Pinterest Strategist’s perspective).

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If you’ve marketed your online products, blog, or podcast, you’ve probably heard someone tell you “You should be on Pinterest”. But Why? What is this “Power of Pinterest” you keep hearing about. Let’s look at some facts first: Pinterest has over 430 million active users It’s a search engine (the 3rd largest behind Google and […]

What the Heck is this “Power of Pinterest” I keep Hearing About?

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