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To Help Creators Grow Their Traffic and Income Through Pinterest Marketing Even If Pinterest Confuses You

There's a group of entrepreneurs who are DIYing their Pinterest account with little to no support. They already took a course and know how to use Pinterest, but aren't ready to hire it out. They need guidance, accountability, and simplified support to help them keep pinning new content.

That's why I created The PinEasy membership- It's a way for entrepreneurs to tap into my expertise and apply it to their Pinterest marketing in the easiest way possible.

The goal is for you to
  • get clarity on your pinning strategy
  • stay up to date on best practices,
  • have the resources you need at your fingertips so you can stop wasting time second guessing your Pinterest efforts.

This is for you if...

You need simple, straightforward guidance on pin creation, posting, and analytics each month

You know how to use Pinterest for Business but need accountability each month

You already have a Pinterest account set up

You understand lingo like "group boards", "outbound clicks" and "Idea Pins"

You are a Creator or VA in charge of a client's Pinterest account, but you need task support

GeT Access to THE knowledge

for only $19.99/month

I'm So Ready

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You're not alone if you've ever wondered how many pins you need to make

(but I'm here to end that)

Pinterest could be your #1 traffic source without spending hours each week on pin creation and strategy.

With the PinEasy Membership, you'll have confidence knowing you're doing it right and sending quality traffic to your website.

You don't need expensive tools, or another course that will be outdated next month. You need monthly support to help you gain clarity on:

- What to pin
- How many pins to make
- Which boards to pin to
- Current best practices
- What to do if you're feeling stuck

I've compiled proven strategies that work across all niche's to help you create a pinning routine you can actually keep up with.

What's Inside

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Traffic Like This is Still Possible in 2023

and i can help you get there

She went above and beyond to help me understand aspects of the inner workings of Pinterest that I didn't have experience with. Also, Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and efficient."
-Ida Bova

Sarah keeps the Pinterest strategy simple and effective! She created a really sustainable Pinterest strategy that she easily troubleshoots as algorithms change. I don't know how she stays on top of all the trends and best practices, but it saves me so much time and energy to just hear it straight from her.
-Krista Lockwood | Motherhood Simplified

This is the Pinterest-Kick-In-The-Rear you've been needing


Enter The PinEasy

No contract required. Cancel at any time

Hi, I'm Sarah

It still amazes me that I've been in some form of marketing since I was 15- but it's true! I started planning marketing strategies for the small business I worked for before I could legally drive. It's no wonder I still love helping businesses gain visibility and clients.

But that's not all of me. Being a military spouse myself, I'm an advocate for military spouse entrepreneurship. I believe building a career that can move with you in the most empowering feeling as a military spouse.

I'm also in love with gardening and this year I'm figuring out how to plant for a winter crop for my whole family.

I've got three kiddos that keep me on my toes. My boys love to play tricks on me and my daughter can now fit into my shoes.

-Need to know more?
-You won't find me in cold water.
-I'm allergic to dark chocolate.
-I'm an Aquarius, born in the Year of the Dragon
-I'm an Enneagram 3w2 and a "Moderator"
-I've been known to have Voxer communication with clients completely in GIFS

Common Questions

How long before i see results?

You should gain momentum with the first month’s action steps. As you continue to implement the steps each month, you’ll not only see improvement in your metrics, but also your workflow. 




You’ll obviously need a Pinterest business account as well as a way to make pins. The free version of Canva works great. But you’ll get fictitious bonus points for having Canva PRO or the TailwindApp scheduler. 

I’ve spent extensive time creating a system for repurposing your long form content onto Pinterest with ease. The tasks I send you are meant to be efficient, align with your marketing strategy, and easy to implement each month. How much time you spend is up to you. My job is to give you the guidance and resources to complete it in the cracks of your day.

No. As long as you have regular long form content (like a blog), a bank of landing pages, web pages, products, and any other linkable URL you own (not an IG link), you’re good to go. We will create a way to repurpose these as part of your marketing strategy.

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