Account Audit


Let me take a look under the hood and give constructive feedback on how to better leverage your Pinterest account. One of my most popular services!

$149.00 USD

Note: I won't make changes for you, but you'll have the know-how to do it yourself, usually in a few days.
After an Audit, if you would rather pass that off to me, check out my Optimization package. 

Unsure if your Pinterest account is working to its full potential?
Ready to update it but not sure how? 

I’ve got you covered. I’ll take a look at your account and offer guidance on how to optimize it so you can drive even more traffic.


7 days priority email or Slack support from me. If you can't tell, I want you to have the support you need to make any changes. 

Email Support

Once you've had time to review everything we will do a final Zoom call to answer remaining questions you have. 

The Final Call

The report has two parts:
  1. Video walk through of key points so you can see exactly what I'm referencing.  
  2. Checklist so you can easily stay focused and mark off things that need updating 

The Report

I'll take my time combing through your account, looking at everything from your pin design, analytics, SEO, audience insights, and even a peek at your website, and note things you're rocking and thing you can improve on.

The Deep Dive

We hop on Zoom to chat about your account, your pinning habits, your brand's goal, your Pinterest concerns, and anything else that might be valuable info.

Initial Zoom Call

The  Process

I've seen it all and know how to deal with roadblocks that stop others in their tracks. Glitches? Updates? New best practices? Seasonal changes? I've seen (and handled) it all so you don't have to.

Years of Experience

I'm working to help you meet future  goals, not just establish a presence on Pinterest. As your business develops and grows, it will be easy to adjust your Pinterest set up to match where you are. 

Future Focused

Pinterest isn't just about pinning your blog or creating a Pinterest shop. It's about understanding the trends, monitoring your analytics, and making strategic moves to get you the best results. That start with the correct set up.

Strategy Driven

Pinterest CAN  be the leading traffic driver to your website

Why Sarah?

(If it's done right)

Having a Pinterest expert on your side can give you results like these...

Knowing what to do to your account to get it converting

Confident your account is up to date with best practices.

Knowing your strategy has two thumbs up from someone who literally dreams about Pinterest coding and analytics

to thriving by...

Posting pins with no real results

Being stuck with a profile that was built in 2020 and simply isn't up to date.

Wondering "am I doing this right?"

just imagine going from...

Lead gen doesn't have to be complicated.

Sarah was incredibly thorough in walking me through her audit of my Pinterest account and explaining not just what I could change but also why it would help me grow my following.

-Emily Adams

Before working together I was feeling like I did what I was supposed to do but was not seeing the results from my efforts.  Now after the audit I feel more confident about what I should do more of and what to change to start seeing the results improve again.

 Flourish Online Management

Sarah gave a thorough review of our account and gave us some awesome action items that allowed us to still use what we've been working on.



Let your dream clients find you through Pinterest

And I'm ready to use my years of Pinterest and marketing knowledge to make your life easier... 


Because you've got kids to play with, friends to dine with, and that house project you've been too busy to complete. 

The last thing I want for you is to worry over the best times to post on social media, or spending hours scouring YouTube "how-to's" only to find marketing info from 2019. 

The alternative? 

I'm Sarah, 
The Pinterest marketing strategist obsessed with driving traffic in your  sleep

hey there!

Getting Access

Initial Call

The Acutal Audit

Other Details

Before we start, I need to get to know you and your goals. I'll send over a questionnaire to gather some information. Then we will hop on a Zoom call to dive a little deeper. 

Initial Call

Initial Call

I can't be through without looking at the back end. I'll need access to your login credentials so I can look at the back end of your account. All information is shared in LastPass and removed during the offboarding process. 

Getting Access

Getting Access

Don't think the word "audit has to be negative. It's more like a routine doctor's check-up. I'll analyze your saves, clicks, and top pins from the last year so I can understand your account's activity and how it's performing. I'll then check your keywords, and how well your account is optimized to today's standards. I'll also take note of your pin designs (everyone loves this feedback) and pinning schedule/habits. I'll tally up all the good and the things that "need improvement" and build your report. 

The Auditing Begins

Diving Deeper

What To Expect

Let's Talk Logistics..

Let's attract your ideal clients, not chase them.


One Time Fee

ready to make a move?

The Investment

I’m part of several communities that focus on staying up to date on the Algorithm as well as testing new strategies and techniques. I feel that surrounding myself with like-minded peers helps me stay on top of trends and changes. I also follow updates straight from the source- Pinterest and Tailwind are in my inbox and provide valuable information to help me keep your account growing.

Are your methods up to date?

No, but I give you all the resources and know-how to do them yourself. If you want me to implement the changes for you, check out my Account Optimization package.

Do you make the changes?

I'm based out of North Carolina, USA. That's EST time zone.

Where are you located?

I currently aim for at least 5 a day, but I don't contract a certain number because Pinterest's best practices change often. I'm more concerned with doing what works to grow your account, which changes with the age of your account and the seasons. 

How many pins do you pin?

Audits are pretty quick. I typically get your results to you within 10 business days from onboarding to completion- often times faster. Obviously some of this depends on how quickly we get you onboarded and I get access so communication is key.

How long does it take?

Nope. This fee includes everything you need for an Audit. 

Are there additional costs?

Have Questions?
 I've got answers.'s time

Let's face it, you've been waiting to do this for YEARS