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5 Reasons You Should Get a Pinterest Business Account (And Not Use Your Personal Account)

“How do I know if I should use my personal account or start a business account on Pinterest?”

This is a question I get asked all the time by people who are ready to start marketing their business on Pinterest. Often people don’t even know there is such a thing as a business account until they start diving into the process.

Just like the popular social media platforms, Pinterest does not want you to use your personal account for business marketing. Neither should you want to!

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It’s kind of the same as how you shouldn’t mix personal and business finances. Keeping the accounts separate allows you to do all kinds of businessy things (technical term) that will benefit you way more than a personal account ever could. How?

Having a business account will unlock special features that will allow you to use Pinterest marketing to its fullest potential. Check this out:

  1. You will be able to link your website to the pin images you create so users will be able to move off of Pinterest and over to your website. Now you have a captive audience!
  2. You also be able to track analytics in the back end of your Pinterest account. Seeing what pins are being clicked on, how much traffic is being sent to your website, and having the ability to monitor the overall activity on your profile is a huge part of making sure your strategy is working.
  3. If you’re a product-based business, you’ll be able to apply for the Verified Merchant status. This is kind a like getting the Prime badge on Amazon, and adds a level of authenticity in the eyes of Pinterest users.
  4. E-commerce businesses will also be able to see conversion insights- So you know exactly what products are performing well on Pinterest.
  5. You unlock the ability to run ads (AKA Promoted Pins). Need I say more?

You might be thinking, “OK Sarah, I’m on board. But how do I know if I should convert my personal account to a business account or start a business account from scratch?”

This is something I work through with all of my one to one clients, but the short easy answer is this: If you are an avid Pinner for things in your personal life, like planning for birthday parties or home decor, and your business has nothing to do with party planning or decorating, start your business account from scratch. If that didn’t quite answer it, head on over to this post where I go more in depth on how to determine whether you should convert or start new. If you still don’t know, let me help you set up your account. I’ll make sure it’s done right without all the guesswork.


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5 Reasons you should use a Pinterest Business Account

5 Reasons You Should Get a Pinterest Business Account (And Not Use Your Personal Account)

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