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Understanding The Great Pinterest Pivot of 2021

Navigating Pinterest has been hard this year! After the introduction of idea pins, analytics tanking, a seemingly random glitch that shut down many many accounts, followers getting cut in half, it’s easy to think that Pinterest is not where you should put your efforts. 

But creators said that back in 2016.

And fall of 2020.

Here’s the thing, all of those things that happened over the summer of 2021 were planned, scheduled, and launched. They were intentional. And to me it sounds like Pinterest simply pivoted a little. Who has pivoted their business and it went smoothly, without flaw or sacrifice?

The truth is when you pivot, things can be wonky and you may need to work out some bugs and tweak your system. And I have a feeling that’s exactly what Pinterest is doing right now. In fact, based on my clients’ analytics now versus what they were last month it’s very clear that Pinterest is tweaking the way the algorithm displays different types of pins. They are in the background testing what’s going to work best for the platform and for the creators, and we just need to be patient and ride it out.

I don’t see anything that’s telling me to bail on Pinterest and while I was not managing client accounts in 2016, I have heard several stories of people who stopped using Pinterest when they pivoted and ultimately they missed out on the massive growth that happened after everything leveled out.

So what’s my point? Hunker down and be patient. Use this time to focus on other platforms or optimize your Pinterest account, just don’t completely give up on Pinterest. If you have questions or need help navigating the Pinterest Pivot of 2021, I’m here and ready to help. You can find the link to message me here or hop over to Facebook or Instagram and shoot me a DM @pinprostudio.


Understanding The Great Pinterest Pivot of 2021

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