I created my business on I-95 on my way to an extended “work trip” with my husband. Over the next 6 weeks, I would split my time between homeschooling my kids and crafting a website and business model from our hotel room.

Was I crazy? Yeah, probably.

Tired? Absolutely.

And I learned the importance of blue light blocking glasses.

But I was soooo ready have something to call “mine”. We had started a family before I graduated college and we agreed I should stay home with our baby girl…

Sarah Potter, Pinterest Strategist

A Little (More) About Me

For some of you, that sounds familiar. For others, your business is your baby. So when it’s time to market it on Pinterest, you want the best. You want someone who not only speaks “Pinterest”, but takes the time to know your business.


I actually prefer to get to know my clients, listen to their goals, follow along as they grow, and celebrate successes. That way, I can fully understand their ideal audience and formulate the best strategy to use on their Pinterest account. And I truly have the BEST clients!

Until now...

If you are looking for someone to just pin your blog to Pinterest and call it a day, that’s not me. You’re probably looking for a general social media manager or VA, not a Pinterest Strategist (and that’s OK!).

If you’re looking for someone to work quietly in the background, I can do that. Just know I’m following your social media, and keeping up with your story. Cause if you haven’t figured out by now, staying current is a priority of mine. And you’ll likely get periodical updates on how it’s going.

But no matter what, your investment comes first and foremost, and I’m committed to driving traffic to your site via Pinterest. That means staying up to date on the best practices of Pinterest AND your business. 

Let's Be Real...

  • You will NOT catch me in cold water. Ever.

  • I’m allergic to dark chocolate. 

  • I cannot stop this dire urge to plant flowers in Spring. It’s like at the first hint of warmth, the nursery beckons me. No, literally, they know me by name. 

  • I was born an Aquarius in the Year of the Dragon (barely).
  • My mom and I have a competition going to see who can photograph the coolest sunsets.

  • I’m an Enneagram 3w2 and definitely a “Moderator”.

  • If you ask my current clients, they know I’m not above having a Voxer conversation completely in GIFs.

Wanna Know The Quirky Stuff?